What will you lose if your site is not mobile responsive?

What will you lose if your site is not mobile responsive?

If your site is not mobile responsive the consequences can be very serious for your site and your business.

All traffic to your site will be drop.

We all know how much smartphone and other computer use has exploded in comparison to desktop use in recent years. As a result, the question of whether mobile marketing is necessary is no longer relevant. Internet users are switching from desktop to mobile or other devices in this period.

If your platform isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll have less visitors than in previous years. Users can visit your site, but the chances of them continuing to read your non-mobile friendly site are low.

Position in search engines will fall for your website.

There is a very clear explanation for the decrease in organic traffic. The mobile user experience will be factored into Google’s ranking algorithm. Since Google will see what users see on your website, if they have a negative experience, it will have an effect on your rankings.

In reality, Google is sending out warnings to all webmasters about website usability problems on mobile devices, and it explicitly states that pages that are not deemed mobile friendly will not be considered for rankings on mobile devices. If you want to prevent these problems, you should consider making your website mobile-friendly and responsive.

The competition will take your position

On the internet, there is a lot of competition. Through their mobile-friendly websites, the rivals are already using a mobile-specific traffic strategy.

If its rivals are not on mobile, a new company with a mobile-friendly website will outperform them by driving mobile traffic. It’s critical to stay ahead of your rivals, particularly when your company is rapidly expanding!

Is your website Google-friendly?

If your website isn’t optimized for both humans and search engines, chances are you’re missing out on traffic. Improve your search rankings  and  keep Google happy. Do you know how to make website mobile friendly?
Test here if your site is mobile friendly.
If not, you can contact me anytime for help.

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