Responsive Web Design Tips For Your WordPress Website

Responsive Web Design Tips For Your WordPress Website

Given that smartphones are used more than desktops in terms of online search, you have to admit that “mobility is the future”. With the growing audience for mobile devices and Google’s customized mobile devices, many companies around the world have begun to pay attention to adopting responsive design.

Responsive web design is one of the most important factors that allows companies to offer their customers a fantastic user experience for both desktops and smaller screens. You must be thinking, how?

You don’t have to worry. I will describe every aspect of creating a fantastic, responsive WordPress page.

These days, WordPress runs 25 percent of the Web. No wonder developers are finally paying attention to the development and testing of WordPress sites in order to fully respond.

What are the reasons why responsive web design is crucial?

What is responsive web design?

Designers and developers around the world follow techniques for creating beautiful websites that can run on a variety of user screens without losing their look and feel. A website designed by adopting responsive techniques allows users to view exactly the same look of the website on different devices.

Why responsive web designs?

Today, responsive designs dominate the internet for several reasons:

• Increase your visibility on search engines
• Improves conversion rates and increases sales
• Provides an excellent user experience
• Offer a fantastic offline browsing experience
• Allows easy page management

Bring your website to life with CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML elements give soul to your website. Without them, you can’t even imagine creating the right design for your WordPress website or any other website.

CSS is the foundation that allows developers to make customizable schedules.

CSS codes are written for the HTML elements you want for any given effect according to the proposed design.

The combination of CSS3 and HTML5 allows any developer to create an amazing website.

Use the greater power of the PHP language

The WordPress platform is built in PHP, so use PHP.
For example, if you want to synchronize header and site navigation, you can add this code to your function file as follows:
@meida only screen and (max-width: 768px) {} – inside your css code.

Create grids for responsive design

Bootstrap provides a network system for creating responsive layouts. Keep in mind that you need to be more careful when creating a responsive design for your WordPress page.

Grids play a key role in customizable web design. If you want to customize your website to any screen size, you must use the appropriate code. Grids allow you to easily resize so that all the essential elements of your page fit, regardless of the device.

Be sure to Optimize images for a customizable design

Images are the most important element of any website. As you create the right design for your website, you need to optimize your images. Image optimization will dramatically reduce bandwidth and scaling issues.

Regarding the image format, you can use JPEG, GIF and PNG-8. But one thing is very important, avoid the use of PNG format, because it can affect the overall size of the page and images at least five times.

To optimize the image for screen width, add the code below to make your images responsive to your css file or function.php file:
img {max-width: 100%; }

Give life to your site with jQuery and JavaScript

Use jQuery and JavaScript to bring liveliness to your pages and responsive design. With these two script languages, you can add effects to your pages such as scrolling up / down, fading in / out, hiding / showing, and several other animation effects. JQuery and JavaScript allow developers to improve the overall user experience in website development.

Use the fantastic options provided by WordPress

WordPress offers you several ways to customize your website to be responsive and mobile friendly.

  • There are so many WordPress plugins that allow for quick integration and reduce the effort required to customize your WordPress site. Of course, you can use these WordPress plugins to make your website responsive for mobile devices and save valuable time and effort.
    But, I warmly recommend that you do not rely on these supplements, because the results are not the best. It is always better to hire a professional to tweak your site in the best possible way.
  • You can rely on the theme switcher to make your web page responsive. Regardless of the type of smartphone, OS or even browser, this theme switcher allows you to choose different themes for each mobile browser. However, if you are looking for consistency across all devices, this is not a viable option.

Mobile-Friendly and responsive WordPress themes are Best Choice

Undoubtedly, responsive website design has become the essence of modern web design. There are many mobile-friendly WordPress themes that you can use to make your website responsive.

Most themes are free. So there is no need to pay anything. These themes have powerful features and options that offer easy website management and customization. Choose the relevant one that best suits your needs.

Use online tools to test your site for responsive design

To check the responsiveness of your website, you can rely on several free online tools. These online tools allow you to test the suitability of your website for mobile devices.

There are a number of online emulators that you can use to test the responsiveness of your site.
These tools allow you to test your website without any problems and, saving your valuable time, money and energy.

Best is Google mobile friendly tool

Remember some things in the end

No matter which method of responsive design you choose, remember some things.

Avoid using absolute positioning as it will bring you a lot of problems.
Structure your website properly; otherwise, blocks of your website can make it quite complicated.
They use Javascript and jQuery, but don’t overdo it.
Using iframe code can also complicate the site if the code inside the iframe is not optimized.

I hope these tips will help you.

You can contact me at any time for help if needed. I am at your disposal..

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